At a glance – Visitor Information

Dates: 10-11 May 2023

Exhibition Opening Times

10th May: 09:15 – 18:45
11th May: 09:15 – 18:30

Forum Opening Times

10th May: 09:45 – 18:30
11th May: 10:00 – 17:45

The 2023 Venue: Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands

Venue Address: Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam, Netherlands

The World Energy Storage Exhibition & Forum will take place in the city’s most iconic venue: the Rotterdam Ahoy. Recognised for hosting the famous Eurovision Contest, the Ahoy is the go-to arena for large scale exhibitions to network, share insights and do business in the heart of Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam Ahoy is well known among the ‘biggest on earth’ since 1971. Ideally located just off the motorway, with the Zuidplein metro connecting directly with the Rotterdam Centraal Train Station, and Rotterdam The Hague Airport just a short distance away.

Rotterdam is known as the Maritime Capital of Europe and, with it’s impressive Port of Rotterdam, it’s considered a world-leader in sustainability, renewable energy and storage, as well as hydrogen projects aiming to become Europe’s Hydrogen Hub.

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How to Get to the Rotterdam Ahoy?

Venue Address:

Ahoyweg 10

3084 BA Rotterdam,


Staying near the Rotterdam Ahoy

World Hydrogen Exhibition (27)

The Rotterdam Ahoy is a short distance from Rotterdam city center featuring a wide range of accommodation options, from modern chic hotels to cosmopolitan business towers within walking distance to bars, restaurants, shopping and tourist attractions.

Meet & Partner with International Leaders at World Energy Storage 2023

Get in touch with our team to discuss exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Elliott McGinn on +44 207 978 0029 | UAE: +971 506 659 505 or email

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