Mario Vee - Business Development Lead  - Zero Terrain

Mario Vee

Business Development Lead
Zero Terrain

Panelist at:

  • Session 2 - Ensuring Flexibility through LDES

“I believe that energy storage is the key that opens several doors in our bath to balanced energy trilemma”

Mario Vee earned his MSc in electrical power engineering from Tallinn University of Technology. He is a certified Electrical engineer with extensive experience in electrical network planning, design, and construction.

Mario is also a recognized team leader with experience managing large-scale projects, including developing a new business branch.

Estonia was one of the first countries that established a nationwide EV charger network, Mario was responsible for the design of network connections. He was also in charge of developing and constructing an operator-neutral ultra-fast communication network using existing electricity infrastructure.

Currently, he is part of a team developing Estonia’s first-ever large-scale energy storage project based on Zero Terrain. It allows the most used pumped-hydro storage solution to go underground and be used in places where it was not possible before.

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